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रविवार, 3 नवंबर 2019

How to make money from blogging? 5 ways to earn money from a blog

Many people like blogging, but now it has become a very good platform to earn money online, many bloggers are earning very well from this platform by doing part-time and full-time blogging. This is a Trusted Platform for Platform Online Earning, today in this post I will tell you the best tips to earn money from blogging.

You can also work like a business in the blogging field and you can also do very good online earning from here. But those who want to earn money from Blogging and those who blogging for their passion, there is a lot of difference between those who blogging for Passion, they have some different rules because their passion is to blogging, Focus Earning But they still earn very well. Because those people follow their passion.
If you have the desire to write, you can start to bring this passion to the world, in blog writing, initially the author makes a lot of mistakes and forgets to sit on the blog hoping for money and not working properly. is.
If you are starting a blog in fun, in the hope that you can earn money, then wait, it is also important to have a knowledge of blogging with hard work. Only if it is serious, there are other ways just to earn money.
Most people have almost similar questions, such as…
  • Is It Really Possible To Make Money With Blogging?
  • How many more people do these things besides you?
  • What topics can you blog to earn money on?
I fully understand all these questions, but I want to add two more questions to it.
If blogging can really make money, how many chances are there to succeed in it?
If someone starts blogging today, at what time will a good income start?
If you start a blog and website, you will open many ways to earn money, where you can earn good money by advertising on website, selling products, providing some services.

Ways to make money from blogging

Competition is increasing over time and with Hard Work you need to do Smart Work, it is not that you have created a blog and started earning, some people get success in a lot of work time and some get success It takes years.
It depends on the way you work, keep the rest because you will always get what you worked for and hard work always pays off.

1. Set up your blog completely?

To earn money from blogging, you have to buy a Domain and Web Hosting and setup your blog completely.

To set up your blog completely, you have to optimize a good Theme, Web Hosting, Domain and SEO of Blog, Speed.
Choose a topic for your blog on which you will write content and choose the topic on which you have knowledge because which topic you have knowledge that you can write a better article on it.

2. Share Quality Content

If you want to earn a lot from Blogging, then you have to write unique and quality content on your blog, you should write an article on the topic that everyone searches and is shared more on social media so that your post can be ranked in Google If you can and your post gets ranked in Google, then you will earn very well, that’s why we should always write Quality Content
To rank blog posts you have to use good keywords which are searched very much on Google

3. Understand the needs of Audience

Most bloggers start understanding the needs of the audience in a short time and earn quite a lot from it, but after some time all the bloggers think that now we understand all the needs of our audience well, but this is wrong because from today After 6 months or after 1 year your audience needs something and that is why you will always have to be updated to understand the needs of your audience and who will understand the problems of your audience.
And if you want to get the support of the audience, then you always have to post articles according to their needs.

4. Add Newslatter to Blog

Not all bloggers would like that people come to read posts on his blog and then go away after reading articles on the blog, all bloggers want that all the people who are reading articles on their blog subscribe to all the newsletters so that you do Whenever you do not publish any new posts on your blog, inform them by email so that they are reading articles on all your blogs.

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If you want to earn more from blogging, then add newsletter on your blog, so that all the readers of your blog will come to your blog and read when your new post is published.

5. Add important pages to the blog

All bloggers must make 4 pages in their blog and if you should get approval of Adsence, then you must make these 4 pages on your blog.
About Us: In this page you have to tell about your blog and if you want, you can also tell about yourself.
Contact Us: In this page you have to enter your contact details so that any visitor can contact.
Privacy Policy: This page contains the privacy policy of your blog.
Disclaimer: This page in rejection description of your blog.

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