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शुक्रवार, 25 अक्तूबर 2019

How to play PUBG Mobile in low Ram phone?

Hello friends how are you If you are fond of mobile gaming, obviously this post is for you because today we are going to talk on a very interesting topic, so that you can play high end games easily in your low RAM phone, many such third There are party apps that help to modify the graphics of your games and run them on your smartphone.

The craze of gaming with the internet is also increasing, Fps and Survival Games have also made the structure of eSports which we will tell you in a different article, and the game which is very much discussed today is PUBG Mobile whatever 2018 I have broken the record of Top Free Android and Most Adicative Game, because today every other smartphone user plays this game but many users who have less rem in their phone are unable to enjoy Pubg Mobile Game.
PUBG Corpration has developed this game for many gaming platforms such as PC, PS4 and iOS and Android, but we will talk in the post about how low-RAM users play this game, does your phone not support PUBG Mobile? If PUBG Mobile does not work properly in your phone, then you are reading the right article.

How To Play PUBG in Low Mobile Phones

Is your phone’s RAM less, in which PUBG Mobile does not work well? Do you ask to play PUBG Mobile game in your low rem phone? We will tell you the most easy way here in short words, so that you can run Smoothly PUBG Mobile in your low-REM phone, in any Android Phone, we all know that for this, having a good internet and a good REM phone is also necessary. And for average performance it is necessary to have at least 2GB of RAM.
But even if 2GB does not work well in RAM, there are a lot of third-party apps for it so that your game will not be lost and you can run Smoothly PUBG Mobile in any Android Phone without having to follow these tips. A waste of time read the method of playing this game in a low-end device, which allows you to play games with Lagfree, Glichs Free and Good Ping.

How to play low RAM smartphone PUBG Mobile

How to play PUBG Mobile in low rem phone? Follow the steps given by me, which will solve your problem and if you do not understand anything, then you can consult us by commenting.
GFX Tool: Friends GFX has full form Graphics, which is called GFX in Short, an app named ‘GFX Tool’ developed by tsoml is a great performance enhancer app which is available on Google Play Store to give your PUBG Graphics You can play the game even more smoothly by setting it in the best settings.
Download GFXTool: First of all go to Google Play Store and download the app named ‘GFX Tool’ developed by tsoml
Select Version: Now here is to choose your game in which to choose the right version of PUBG Mobile game, in this GP means normal global version which we will have to select, if you live in India and you have Google the game in the normal way Downloaded from Play Store, you have to choose GP.
  • GP stands for Normal Global Version
  • CN means Chinese version
  • KR means Korea version
  • Beta means Beta version that is used in testing
  • Lite means the lite version of PUBG Mobile
Resolution: Now the next option is resolution, so you have to choose the most supported resolution in which you have to choose the resolution according to the screen of your phone.
Graphics: Here you will be asked to choose So Smooth, Smooth HD, Balanced, HD, Smooth HDR and HDR in which you do So Smooth which will also save your phone battery and mobile from heating up.
FPS: Here FPS means First Person Shotter not Frames Per Second, in which you have to set a low frame rate so that your game will start running more smooth and will not be much lag.
Anti-Aliasing: This feature is meant to smooth the texture of your game, so if your phone is on low rem, then close it and if you do 2x and 4x setup then you will get more details in the game.
Styles: You can set it according to your own which provides you filters like Realastic and Movie, you can see this setting in the graphics settings of your game too.
After doing all this, click on Accept and save the settings and click on Run Game and run your game so that 70% of your game will be smooth which you will see when you play it.
I hope you have liked this article so that you can play the PUBG mobile game in your own low-rem phone as the updates coming in the day have made it very heavy, but now you can play PUBG smartphone with less RAM How to play PUBG in a phone with less RAM by reading the method will help you in this, if you like similar articles related to gaming, then tell us in the comment,

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