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What is Android Q? New Features of Android Q - Hindivigyan

Next version of Android, you will know about Android Q here, what is Android Q and what is special about it, we also gave you information about Android 9 (Pie), which you made very commendable, so in today’s article we The next version of Android is going to tell you what Android Q is and I / O will be in the 2019 conference. A lot of information has been revealed about Android Q, Android Q has just been installed on the pre-build Google Pixel.

After giving Android 9 (Pie) system updates to many devices in Google, they started working on the new Mobile Operating System, in which they created Android 10.0 Quindim, named Android Q, a lot of new features in this operating system It has been added, but keeping in mind the security, there has been an attempt to make Android even more secure than before, now it is in Android Q Beta but very soon it will be available in your own phone.
In 2018, Google released the next version of Android Oreo, Android 9 Pie, and now after a while you will get to see the first look of Android 10.0 Quindim and its special features that improve the Android Operating System. Google’s CEO tweeted something similar to Android Q after Google’s I / O 2019 conference.

What is Android Q?

The next version of Android Operating System is Android Q which is the upcoming Operating System of Android which is currently in Beta Stage, so far only Google Pixel 3 has been released for testing in Google phone, which includes many new features and tools. Was brought that you missed.
Android has always been providing its user with a better user experience and a mobile operating system with a clean and smooth layout and has just launched Android Q Beta 1 Version, which is available only on Google Pixel 3 Google phone.
So far, Google has not disclosed this openly, but according to some Rumors reports, a lot of information about this operating system has been revealed by Android Q, according to reports, new tools and features can be found for Android users. Let us tell you about the top 5 features of Android Q, which you will soon see in Android Q.
All the operating systems of Android have always been named after the sweet thing, in which the name of the food items is given on the basis and it gives the name of the OS, some of the previous generation of Android is named like this.
Petit Four1.1February 9, 2009
Cupcake1.5April 27, 2009
Donut1.6September 15, 2009
Eclair2.0 – 2.1October 26, 2009
Froyo2.2 – 2.2.3May 20, 2010
Gingerbread2.3 – 2.3.7December 6, 2010
Honeycomb3.0 – 3.2.6February 22, 2011
Icecream Sandwich4.0 – 4.0.4October 18, 2011
JellyBean4.1 – 4.3.1July 9, 2012
Kit Kat4.4 – 4.4.4October 31, 2013
Lollypop5.0 – 5.1.1November 12, 2014
Marshmallow6.0 – 6.0.1October 5, 2015
Nouget7.0 – 7.1.2August 22, 2016
Oreo8.0 – 8.1August 21, 2017
Pie9.0August 6, 2018
Android Q10.0

Mostly you have noticed the Security Features and Smoothly Layout in it and it has been improved to a great extent, so let’s know what is Android Q? And what will be new in this? What is its special feature?

What are the new features of Android Q?

Google’s new Mobile Operating System named Android Q and Android 10.0, which we will discuss about some special features here, so that you will know what is Android Q? And what will be new in this?
Although there are a lot of rumors, but we will share the information from official sources here, which you will get to see in Android Q, which may seem amazing to me, so you know which specific tools and features you will get to see.

1. Privacy and Permissions

For security and privacy, you have to keep in mind the permission of each third party app, which app is taking which permission, for this you will get a lot of improvement.
In the mobile operating system, you can set permissions for each app with location and contacts and you can keep your data secure by blocking the permissions you do not want to give.

2. Fold-able Phone Support

The phone market is currently making foldable phones which is currently in the news but Android Q has been made compatible for foldable screen mobile phones, so that it can be estimated that Android will be chosen for Foldable Phones.
This greatly increases the chances of Android Q support native foldable phone, which is a good thing.

3. Sharing Shortcut

To share any file and Linux instantaneously, you will get to see many options, if you want to share data from one phone to another or file, you will get many new features for it and it will also support the ShareTarget AndroidX Library. .
Apart from this, you will also get service like Camera, Connectivity, Gaming and Neural Network API which is helpful in Direct Share.

4. Device Location

No app in the background can take your location and when you give access to an app and allow the location from it, then only you will access your location.
You can manage the location of each app, so that it will take your location in working time itself, which gives a user more options to control their location.

5. System-wide Screen Recorder

Screen-recording tool was missing in Android from the beginning, but you will get white screen recorder tool feature in the system coming Android Q, so that you can record your phone screen as video.
Along with video, you can also record voice-over and share and upload it anywhere.

6. Downgrade Support

You may have heard of updating and upgrading mobile but Google is working on a downgrade in this operating system, in which according to XDA developers in Android Q framework can downgrade apps in Android Q, but only Google’s own apps Can only be done.

7. Performance

The performance of Android Q has been greatly improved by Android Pie, in which you get to run the phone very smooth and gaming performance has also been enhanced to a great extent, which you will get better than earlier Android.

8. Desktop Mode

Desktop mode can be seen in Android Q, in which you can use it as a personal computer on your smartphone, now let’s see how this feature is going to be because there is not much information about it but it will be better than we expected .

9. Native Support

Android Q will have Natively Support which allows you to control Depth in Android Q and in 2018 Face-Recognition has got a lot of listening which will be applied to Google Android Q so that you will get Face ID-like which Facial Recognition Support feature secure Unlock. Will provide authentication.
The leak of Android Q’s AOSP build has revealed that you will get to see better security features in Android Q.

10. Screenshot Notch

I do not think what was the need of this, now if you have Notch on your phone, then you will also see Notch in the screenshot, so that you can take Notch Screenshot, you get support in Android Q Operating System Mobile.

11. More Permission

In the Android Q framework, XDA developers have discussed about some new permissions in which every app you know gives access to the clipboard that saves your password.
This does not give us complete control over the phone, but in the Android Q operating system, Google will give more permission so that we can give each permission according to our own.

12. Pip Mode

Users get PiP Mode in Android Q, just like you might have seen many apps running in small screen simultaneously in Samsung phone, it has been enhanced with the enhanced PiP mode, so that you can run many apps on the same screen simultaneously. Which affects multitasking to a large extent.
With this, you can do a lot of work at once and you can also see some advanced features with it on the same screen.

13. Dark Mode

You must have seen that some time ago dark mode has been given in Youtube, instant messaging app WhatsApp can also bring the Dark Mode feature through an update soon.In the same way, many apps are ready to give dark mode but Android Q operating system In Dark Power feature will be found in Power Safe Mode.
System-wide Dark Mode is a feature that will save your phone’s battery as well and Google introduced Dark Mode in some apps in 2018.

14. Notification Management

Android has been improving the Notification System in each of its updates, and the Notification Management Mechanism has been upgraded to the Android Q operating system, now the user can manage the notifications more easily.
Because “Manage Notifications” can come down the side of “Manage” and users can hold and stop a notification by selecting “Stop notifications” and also add “Show Silently” option instead of Android Q “Block”. Can.

15. Emergency Shortcut

A new Emergency Button will also be added to the new operating system, which will make emergency calls for you in a short time, for which you will also get to see Emergency Shortcut separately.
Google is going to do something that will reach the emergency dialer in a very short time, which will make an emergency call in a very short time.

16. Theming Option

According to the Android Police websiteAndroid Q’s developer will offer theming options in the settings in which you can change the entire interface by changing the theme of your phone, you can also choose the headline and body fonts, as well as change the shape of the icons.

17. File Manager App

You have got a poor file manager for file management, but right now you will get to see a lot of improvements in the file manager, to manage files, you will get the support of FilesGO app whose stable version you can download from Google Play Store is

18. Improved Privacy Settings

With Android Q, feature security has been kept in mind and more and more Android has been tried, here you get the control on the location and the control on the apps.
A good attempt has been made to prevent location sharing incorrectly and so no one can track your location with the help of third party applications and Android Q version is a part of its project Strobe which manages access to different apps. is.

19. Connectivity

In this update, Google has provided support for new Wi-Fi standard support, WP3 and OWE which can provide security for home and work networks and will improve the performance of gaming and calling.
In Android Q, you have been given high performance WiFi mode, which will reduce the latency and you can manage the connectivity better.

20. Camera, Media, Graphics

You get to see a lot of changes in the camera, in which the advanced Bokeh effect has been introduced, Dynamic Depth Format provides new Audio Video Codecs for photos and for audio and video, which gives you access to a lot of new formats media.
Google has discussed about the support of Native MIDI API, ANGLE on Vulkan, Vulkan Everywhere and Neural Networks API 1.2, which can give you a lot to see in Android Q.

How did Android 10.0 become Quindim?

The Android Q Operating System is being called by many names because Google has so far named it Android Q, so according to the estimates different names are being provided by it, which is something like this.
  • Quiche
  • Quick
  • Quality
  • Street
  • Quaker Oats
  • Quisito
  • Quindim
  • Quince
  • Qottab
  • Queen of puddings
Google is going to give a name from it, but most sources have revealed that Android 10.0 will be named Quindim which is also correct in a way.

There is not much information about installing Android Q in your smartphone and its release date has not been fixed, but soon you can get support of Android Q, in this article today we learned that Android Q What is it, what are the new features in Android Q operating system, who can use Android Q, when will Android Q be released, what is the name of Android Q and more Neither was necessary.
Tell us what you think about it and how you felt in this article, tell us in the comments and even if you use Android Q, do not forget to share the idea with us.

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