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गुरुवार, 28 मई 2020

What is PUBG Mobile Lite in 2019

PUBG Mobile Lite Version has been launched, if you have Gaming Lover, then the article will be helpful for you because here I also share Gaming Tips or Tricks with Technology. Pubg Mobile Game does not support in some Android Phones, in which many old phone users I am not able to play PUBG Game, I have given you in the post Previvas, what is PUBG Mobile Game and how to play it and how can you play PUBG Mobile Game in PC and Laptop.

To play PUBG Mobile Game your phone must have at least 2GB of Ram RAM, but many people do not have 2GB Ram phones so that PUBG Mobile Game does not support in their device, but the light version of PUBG is something that Can also be played on 512MB and older phones.

What is PUBG Lite App Features

Tancent Games has launched the light version of PUBG Mobile Game for PUBG Mobile Lovers as PUBG Mobile Game does not support in many phones and is not compatible for many Smartphones, yet the game is for Beta Testing so that it is few PUBG Lite has been launched for the selected country only in the Philippines.
If the PUBG game is not running properly on your phone and is lagging too much or if there is a Ping Issue, then you should install the latest light version of this PUBG. This game is much more lightweight than the official PUBG mobile game right now. As of now it is undergoing Beta Testing so it is running in Only Philippines Country.
PUBG Lite will be the best for them, whose mobile is not compatible for PUBG, then you have to install PUBG Mobile in my way, but it is important to know about the game’s features or Graphics or Map:
Game Size: The size of the PUBG Mobile Game is 1.8 GB but the size of its Lite Version is only 250 MB so that it will work well in Low Specs Phones and also in low Ram phones.
New Small Map: In PUBG Lite you used to get a very large map, which increased its size too much, but in it you will get a small part of the Erangel Map which is Unique-Map.
High-Quality Graphics And Hd Audio: This is the size of the game, but when talking about Voice-Chat and Graphics, it is not downed, you will get HD Audio in Live Chat with good Graphics, which will be easy to Teaming-Up.
Realistic Weapons: There will be only 2 slots for Player Weapons, in which Pistol Slot has been removed to size the game.
40 Players Classic: In PUBGM you used to have a 100 player match, but the player count has been reduced to 40 with Map being small.
This game has been prepared by doing a lot of Small Optimization, so friends, how you can download the PUBG Mobile Lite Version, I am sharing its step by step trick below.
New Karakin Map Update in PUBG

How to download PUBG Mobile Lite?

The Lite version of PUBG Mobile has just been soft-launched, so for Beta Testing, it has been uploaded to the Play Store Server in the Philippines. There are some Working Method so that you can download, install or play it on any phone:
1) First Of All, install APKPure App on your phone.
2) In ApkPure App, you will get PUBG LITE APK, download from it and then install it.
3) If “Sever Not Responding Issue” comes after install, then read this solution which I am giving below.
Now download DNS Changer App from Google Play Store.
Go to the Dns Changer App and set Custom Dns (Enter Manually) and after that you will get the option of Dns1 or Dns2 and set this Dns there.
Connect after Dns Setup and after that open the PUBG Mobile Lite Game, your game will play and if the server full problem comes, try after some time your account will be logged.

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