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बुधवार, 16 अक्तूबर 2019

New ideas of business with Low Investment - hindivigyan

New business idea of ​​making money in 2019 With these methods you can earn thousands in less money. Some that can be started at a lower cost. Profit is also good among them. Here are 50 small business ideas with low investment high profits in India.

Currently, there are many businesses that can be started in a small budget. Among them, profits are also good. According to the mind, people often do business planning even if there is no job, but people get disappointed due to the expenses incurred in business.

50+ Small Business Ideas with Low Investment in 2019

1. Personalized and custom made gift stores

You can also earn well by opening an online gift store. Many people earn from this business.

2. Gym or Fitness Center

Today’s world is worried about the health of everyone, so you can open a small gym or fitness center in a good area which will be the source of very good Earnings. Everybody in the world wants to stay fit and look good.

3. Event organizer

Starting a small company which organizes the ceremony may be a good idea, but here you may need special expertise and manpower for the same.

4. Interior Designer

Everyone wants services from interior decorator today, so the best deal for starting an interior designer business may be but remember here that you may need special skills.

5. Small Grocery Store

Start small grocery store and a good idea here is that you do not require any special skills and you can start from small shop and gradually expand as per need.

6. Match making or wedding planner

It is said that a marriage relationship takes place in heaven, everyone wants to remember their marriage very much. You can also choose a wedding planner business. There are good business options to start with a wedding planner.

7. Tuition class

The business of education will never stop. You can earn good by giving tuition class and you can also help people. All that is needed is to start with a good idea.

8. Mobile Shop

Today, the demand of everyone’s mobile and the need for mobile is increasing, so you can consider starting a small mobile shop sometime. For this you can get the required money.

9. Ice Cream Parlor

Starting an ice cream parlor is also a good business. It does not require much money to start.

10 Xerox and Book Binding

Xerox and book binding do not have this facility in many college sector and school sector and there can be good potential business in that area as well.

11. Mobile Food Shop

Today we are living in the mobile generation. Starting a mobile food shop is a very good business idea.

12. Jewelry Manufacturer

With the ever increasing demand for jewelry making the price of gold making jewelry that is increasing and some starting in line may be good option.

13. Insurance Advisor

Another good business idea is to start small insurance consultancy or take an insurance agency.

14. Freelancer

If you are good at programming there are many available websites which can give you work freelance and you will be paid for the same.

15. Book Store

Lovers are always considering starting several lucrative book shops to purchase books.

16. Catering Services

Wedding and party people for catering service can always be another good business idea if you are looking for good catering service that is doing good in providing good food and catering service.

17. Computer Trainer

If you are good in providing computer training then it can be good business idea as knowing computer is essential in today’s world.

18. Yoga Center

In today’s stressful life many people prefer to go for yoga, then starting a yoga center would be good business option.

19. Baby Sitting Services

This business idea is specifically for the woman who want to start some home based business. Many working couples may be in need of service in this way.

20. Real Estate Advisor

If real estate is ever growing a business, then starting a consultation and buying, selling and renting options to provide guidance on real estate is a good business option.

21. Sports Parlor

Today’s generation likes play stations and game stations so too much game is the best business idea to start a parlor with some unique games.

22. Photographer

If you are doing well in photography then you can start a photography business with low cost investment.

23. Promotion Chairman

If you have the skills, then you can change this to become a motivational speaker and have good business opportunities.

24. Travel Agency

Travel agency start is good business opportunity with less investment.

25. Computer Shop

There is good business opportunity if you have knowledge related to IT than starting computer shop to seal it related item or computer.

26. Rest Center

In today’s stressful life relaxation is essential and people are always looking for an alternative to recreation center or relaxation center so starting a relaxation center is a good business option.

27. Courier Company

You can tie-up with an existing courier company and start small business or maybe you can opt to start your own courier company.

28. Resale Auto Dealer

Many people require an old car or bike seal. You can opt to become a good auto dealer.

29. Appointment firm

Today, work is needed by anyone, and people generally opt for a recruitment firm to get a good job. Starting a recruitment firm can be a good business option for you.

30 security or intelligence agency

With increasing security needs you can start your own security agency a good option is to work as a detective.

31. Advertising Agency

Advertising agency business Me Bhi Bahut is opportunity which can make you big money.

32. Web Designing and Hosting

If you have knowledge about various IT tools and programming languages, you can opt for a career as a web designer firm.

33. Start online blog

You are good in content generation and had good knowledge about any field you can start your online blog and earn good money.

34. Antique Article Shop

Today many Readers believe that placing antique statues and articles on the home's Wall is a fashion & symbol, so opening antique article shops is a good business option.

35. Fast Food Parlor

Eating mostly fast food of today’s generation, starting a fast food parlor can be another business option.

36. Data Entry Services

Many companies today can start providing such service to you to earn money by doing data entry work.

37. Resume Writer

If you are good at designing resumes and had deep knowledge, then you can think about becoming a writer.

38. SEO consultant

SEO Consultant – Search Engine Consultant is required for most websites. So you can become a good SEO consultant.

39. Dairy and Sweet Parlor

You can think of starting a small dairy parlor serving the needs of dairy products and sweets in your area.

20+ businesses that can be started at low cost

These Top 20 Businesses that can be started even at low cost Top 20 Business can start from 10 thousand rupees
1. Mineral water supplier: This business can start from 10 thousand rupees. Especially in summer, it can be earned well.
2. Cold drinks and snacks: This business is in great demand with a modern business life. This work can be started from 8 to 10 thousand rupees.
3. Sailing Bakery Products: There is a lot of demand for bakery products in the market. For this you need 6-8 thousand rupees.
4. Garment Teller: In this business, understanding of skill and market is necessary. With a small shop, this business can be started for up to 10 thousand rupees.
5. Plant Nursery: To make the house beautiful, people remain dependent on the plant nursery. So it is a successful business.
6. Mobile recharge and SIM selling: This business can start from 3 to 5 thousand rupees. Its demand will always remain in the market. This business can start at home or in a small shop.
7. Printer and Photo Copy Business: This business can start from 4 to 5 thousand rupees. Yes, the location should be suitable for this. For example, there are colleges nearby, government offices or courts etc.
8. Breakfast Shop: This is a very demanding business. People are often in a hurry to leave the office in the morning. There are many who do not live with family. These people are looking for better breakfast. This work can also be started full time.
9. Shoe wash laundry: This is a new business. Nowadays such machines are coming through which shoes are washed and cleaned. This work can start at 3.5 to 4 thousand rupees.
10. Electronic shop: This option is better for selling essential items like fen, heater, board, switch, bulb and CFL.
11. Kids Play Center: If you have more space in your home, it is the most profitable business. This business can start from 70 to 80 thousand rupees by putting video games and other games.
12. Cybercafe: Cybercafe is good business according to the need of the hour. It can easily start at one lakh rupees.
13. Beauty Parlor and Spa or Boutique: It can also be opened at home. In 70-75 thousand rupees this work can be started easily.
14. Artificial Jewelery Shop: This business is in good demand in the market.
Ad Agency or PR: Own agency or PR work can be started. It is growing rapidly as a business.
15. Digital Studio: This business can be started from 50 thousand rupees. Business of selling and repairing computers, UPS, photo quality printers etc. is a better option.
16. Videography: Videography business can be started through handicams or cameras. It will take 30 to 35 thousand rupees to start it.
17. Fast Food Shop: The business of cold drinks, packed food, chips, biscuits, salt snacks, ice creams etc. is proving to be more profitable in less money.
18. Travel agency: Rail-bus reservation and taxi booking business within the city are also profitable.
Low Cost Gadget Shop: Youngsters use all types of gadgets. Starting from 50 thousand rupees, this business can also prove to be profitable.
19. Mobile handset shop: Despite online market, mobile shop is also a better business.
20. Event Management: Business Nowadays most of the work is being done through event management. It is needed for all functions like marriage, party, government and private.

Conclusion: Business Idea

Yes friends, how did you like today’s post, today we told you Business ideas in 2019 and Business Idea 2019 in very easy words, we also learned in today’s post.
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