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शनिवार, 19 अक्तूबर 2019

What are the advantages and disadvantages of internet?

Know the advantages and disadvantages of Internet: Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet in 2019 – Through Essay and Essay, we will know about its advantages and disadvantages.
In today’s modern era, it has become very easy and easy for human beings to lead a life. Internet technology has contributed immensely to the communication and sharing of information between the people of the world in the easy lifetime of this modern life.

Today everyone is seen using Internet. We cannot doubt that Internet has made human life easy and quite convenient. Today people can contact people from any corner of the world sitting at home using the Internet.
Today, among us, both the effects and the effects of the means used by people have on humans. So let’s know today about its effects and side effects.

Advantages and disadvantages of internet

A global system of Internet computer networks that is an Internet protocol suite for interconnecting technological devices from all over the world.
Today we have many advantages from its use and at the same time we have to face many disadvantages from it. Before knowing this information, be sure to know who created the Internet?

What are the advantages of internet?

Internet Computer is a global system of networks that is spread all over the world today. Since the invention of the Internet, today it is being used by everyone. With its help, we can send or bring our information to any corner of the world from home. Use of this network is very beneficial for us, so let us know about the utility of the Internet as follows: –

1. Information and knowledge acquisition

Today the Internet is known as the ocean of knowledge and information. From here you can get answers to almost all topics or all your unsolved questions. Today, with the help of Internet, many videos have been uploaded on YouTube like YouTube, which helps in reading and understanding our syllabus. With this help, you can also get help related to all your subjects.

2. Strengthening connectivity and information

Today with the help of Internet, we can easily reach our message to others with the help of E-Mail. Apart from this, many types of apps are available today which make it easy to connect with others by connecting to the Internet.

3. Getting a map and contact information

In this modern period, a map has been prepared on the Internet with the help of satellites of all places of our world, which helps us find any address. Today, with the help of Map or Navigation, we can easily reach any leaf easily.

4. Exchange of money, purchase and payment of value

With the help of this internet spread across the world, many businesses are being done, with the help of which we can buy and sell any type of Vastu sitting at home and at the same time paid the value of many types of instruments we are using. You can go like – electricity bill, telephone bill etc.

5. Internet entertainment tool

Today it remains a very good and simple means for entertainment among the people. If you are using a Smart Phone, then it will definitely have Internet. With its help, you can watch movies or any other TV shows for your entertainment on your phone and entertain yourself. You can provide some interesting information related to Mobile Phone from here.

What are the disadvantages of internet?

Just as you all know that there are two sides to the coin, just as any thing, service and work benefits human life, it is reaching the second moment without informing the human being. Not everyone sees or experiences all this loss at that time. Humans experience this later. So let’s know about the harm and misuse from the Internet: –

1. Increased criminal activity

Due to increasing use of Internet, the level of crime in our society has increased today. It has been seen mostly that individuals who spend more time on the Internet have to face threatening and abusive people at some time. Apart from this, people collect information about you and your family and carry out incidents like cybercrime.

2. Addiction and waste of time

Internet addiction is a very dirty habit, people who become Internet etc. give more and more time to the Internet, so that they cannot concentrate on their other work.

3. Affecting meditation and patience

All human beings have their own separate patience and Focus Power. The person who gives maximum time of his day behind the Internet or spends all his time in the Internet, the patience of the person is greatly reduced due to which the human being is unable to focus on any task and is irritated by nature. goes.

4. Health related problem

So far, it has been found in the test that people who spend most of their time on the Internet for various tasks, there is a possibility of getting infected with many types of diseases, such as:
Reduced eyesight (it is necessary to exercise for the eyes to avoid this)
Lack of memory power, long time looking at a continuous screen or mobile causes problems in the eyes which further troubles us a lot. Apart from this, there is a problem in other parts of the body if there is no physical work.

5. Waste of Money

Users of the Internet often shop online for their needs, so that sometimes they buy some goods which have no work and lie in some corner of the house. It would be better that you use the money properly and for this you can get information about Money Investment Ideas here.


Yes friends, how did you like today’s post, today we told you that in very easy words we also learned the advantages or disadvantages of Internet.

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