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मंगलवार, 29 सितंबर 2020

MoviesDa.com 2020 | Download Tamil, Telugu, South Movie dubbed in hindi


Download hollywood movies in hindi
Hollywood sign


It was the site that let allow you to download Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Tollywood, Telugu, Kannada, Punjabi , Bhojpuri Movies download for free. It also had a wide collection of the web series and WWE shows videos. 

Moviesda.com was one of the most popular movie downloading site that provide people pirated movie copies.

Godzilla vs Kong Full movie Download in hindi Full HD

But if you open that website link, it will show you like the image below, because it was banned by the government and supreme court order due to violating the rules of copyright law. 

Moviesda.com banned

So you won't be able to open that site. If you search in google search engine then you will find so much link that claim to be legitimate site and will also provide so much movies, but they all are the duplicates of them . 

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Moviesda.com was famous for having broad variety of download options for different types of entertainment material As Download tamil , telugu, bollywood movies, Hollywood movies dubbed in hindi, wwe episodes, netflix and amazon prime web series.

It was hotspot and one stop site for downloading movie in different languages. Well we are about to explain why all the piracy sites are being banned in india and other countries of the world.

I am unable to access moviesda.com 

Well, this happened to all of its users. People still can access it by using vpn. Accessing a banned site by VPN is a legal thing . But after using vpn, people are able to do those things in internet which is not a legal things as per the country law.

Well , people are being bore during this tough lockdown period of pandemic, so they are searching for some entertainment things to spend their time. They search google for download tamil, telugu ,  hollywood movies in hindi and also want to download bollywood movie. 

This is so tough situation , people have critical financial situations so they can't afford to purchase Netflix and amazon prime web series, so they are searching and download web series offline.

As well as the movie production is also stopped due to pandemic, so people are downloading old and their favorite movies . MoviesDa was a pretty good website to download movie of people's choice, but as we all know that this is under a copyright content and illegal distribution law.

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As per the copyright and commercial usage law, copyright owner can use legal and constitutional acts to prevent their products from commercial usage theft. Due to this law, no one can steal their content and use it for their commercial benefit. 

Although there are so much movies you can find on youtube, and other videos sharing platforms , as these platforms are free to use , you can download movies from telegram, imo and so many other apps. 

Here is the alternative of moviesda.com , you can download movies easily from these apps.
3. Mx player  
4. Zee5 
8. Hungama 

These apps are so good for live stream and watching movies , but most of them are paid apps. to use them, you need to pay some money , after that, these apps will allow you to watch movies and other videos.

Here are some tips that may help you to download movies.

1. Telegram:- 

Telegram allows you to upload videos upto 2 gb, so there are so much channels those distribute movies from this features. These channels have a huge collection of movies , although its under misuse of copyright material as torrents. 

This article is just to spread awareness regarding the tactics that scammers use to spread the pirated content. Movies piracy is the biggest part of the content piracy market. 

2. Imo

This app also allow to upload huge files, so people use their own beneficial way. So people started to distribute movies via IMO App..

Basically it a social networking app, that is very similar to GOOGLE DUO and other app. App has a very nice concept but people use to distribute movies via that app. 

Movies piracy is the biggest fear of the movie directors and investors. And most of the people don't want to spend money or they were unable to watch for various reasons. So they start to search movies to download them for free. 

Moviesda.com was the biggest piracy sites that were spreading the copyright content to everyone for free. Also they were distributing original dvd and blue ray disk copies over the globe. 

Moviesda.com was one of the most famous site that was being use by most of the indian audience to download movies free from the internet. 

A movie director spend most of their total earnings or a huge part of their life earning on their movies just to earn some profit , but movie leaks is like a nightmare to movie directors , producers and investors. 

Movies piracy is the thing that impacts in the gross earning of the movies. When people watch movies through privacy , they don't go to theaters, so the money which goes through the cinemas into the pocket of the owners get lost. That is why it is so harmful for the copyright owners.

Here i am going to tell you about some tips to download movies of your choice. 

Telegram movie channels to download full bollywood and Hollywood movies

As i told you above, there are flood of movie download channels in telegram, 
Here are some of them.
  1.  https://t.me/moviemart666
  2. https://t.me/themoviesflixcom
  3. https://t.me/movieshunterhd
Disclaimer:- I own none of these channels, it is being used by over 100k of users , so i posted this just to help the user to get their required content.

Download hollywood and bollywood movie from youtube

There are some channel what upload full movies , so if you wish to download them, all you need to get and app called Tubemate, which have simple and convenient method to download movies from youtube. Just go inside the app and directly search movie 

There is another app which allow you to download hollywood and bollywood movies from youtube , and it's name is SNAPTUBE , go to the website link and download the app , you get very similar interface like youtube app, just search your movie and download it directly from there.

This next app is so popular app that allow you to download movies from youtube is called vidmate , which is also made for download videos from various videos platform , such as youtube , facebook, dailymotion etc.

This app have and advance feature that will allow you to download whatsapp statuses directly from your whatsapp app.

These apps violates the terms and conditions of the google and youtube. So they are not allowed in play store of android market.


 I will only say that piracy leads someone's harwork and money to worthless. So i request all of you to avoid such pirated contents.

This article is for information and knowledge only. I never want to be with or to promote the pirated content. All links provided in this article are official website of the apps , but if you found any issue or vulnerability, i will not be responsible for that. So use them at your own risk.

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